Contractors, welcome to WallysList, and a new way of looking at business development.

We know you’re busy in this market, probably as busy as you want to be.  But as a smart business owner, you know that marketing is a constant and an ever-growing client list will allow you to:

  • Bring on new employees
  • Expand your scope of services
  • Increase revenue
  • Continue to build your reputation

WallysList can help you do just that.


We employ the process of Trusted Curation.  We’re a leads provider unlike any other.

Other sites will take all the contractors they can get, along with these not-fun features:

  • Charge a high monthly membership premium
  • Charge high fees per lead, whether or not you get the job
  • Sell those leads to too many contractors
  • Aggressively pursue you to join their site (who can blame them, considering how much money they make off of contractors!)
  • Getting bogus leads isn’t unheard of…and getting refunds for these leads wastes valuable time and money


Here’s how WallysList is different:

  • No required cost to join
  • Unlimited leads at no charge
  • Instead, we charge a Job Success Fee, only if you get the job
  • Our system prevents bogus leads.  Job requests come straight from the customer
  • We limit the number of contractors on our platform. This means more leads for you and allows us to provide a HIGH level of service to homeowners by only allowing the best contractors on board WallysList
  • Our charity give-back program will keep customers coming back to WallysList, meaning more future business for you

If you’re interested in being part of this exclusive community, please fill out the quick invite form below and we’ll review and get back to you within 48 hours if you’re accepted.

Dollars and Sense

Let’s break down the cost-structure.  It’s simple so it won’t take long.

You can join for free and if accepted, you’ll appear as an Recommended Contractor on WallysList and receive leads like everyone else for your primary industry.

For $8.99/month you’ll get a full backoffice that gives you the following:

Register for up to 3 different trades (ie: roof and gutters and insulation)

A public profile page that:

  • Talks about your company
  • Explains service areas and expertise
  • Portfolio of work
  • Allows clients to make a job request directly with you instead of the typical job request interface that goes out to multiple contractors
  • Unlimited online signatures for your documents (easily a $49/mo value)
  • Access to our WallysList Pro-to-Pro club

The ability to create client accounts for your customers on WallysList

Tracking past and present clients

Be part of a small and exclusive group of trusted contractors and get free benefit of our extensive marketing program (more about that on the next page).


Our Give Back program

WallysList believes in making an impact for good.  We’ve partnered with six Colorado charities and non-profits and we share half of the job success fees with them, according to how your customer wants the funds donated.

Here’s how this makes your business even better:

  • Today, giving back is more important than ever.  By your participation with WallysList, your customers love you for that.
  • Our partner charities are marketing WallysList to their own audience, giving you an instant user-base of tens of thousands of Coloradans that will use WallysList in order to increase the charitable donations to their favorite charities.
  • Do a good job and those customers will come back directly to you (through WallysList) for future jobs.


Good!  It’s very simple, the next step is to fill out our quick registration and we’ll look at it and get back to you within 48 hours.  After filling out the form, you’ll be taken to the next page which explains our job success fees and next steps.

Our goal is to bring you more business and do it in the simplest way possible!

We hope to see you on the next page!

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The folks at WallysList