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Thank you for requesting to join WallysList.  We’ll look over your submission and get back to you within 48 hours.

In the meantime, here’s some more specific information.

Why be a part of our WHY?

Let’s face it, home service contracting has a bad reputation and you have to fight against the bad rap that the not-so-good-at-anything contractors have created for the industry.

With WallysList, you get to be a part of a small group of contractors known for:

  • Integrity & Honesty (like not bidding a job that truly doesn’t need to be done, just to make a buck)
  • Quality workmanship
  • Fair pricing
  • Showing up on time
  • Showing up at all
  • Finishing the job on time and budget
  • Finishing the job, period
  • Not leaving a mess behind
  • Leaving your customers happy as a clam
  • Prompt and professional follow up post-job
  • Fixing what needs to be fixed post-job
  • Giving back to local charities and non-profits

THAT is what WallysList stands for and we’re very proud of it.

Here’s more good stuff.

What’s a Job Success Fee?

Unlike other leads sites which sometimes charge for the lead and the job cost, we only charge you IF you get the job, making being part of WallysList absolutely risk-free.  And our fees are designed to be a no-brainer.

Here’s the breakdown:
Final Job Cost / fee

  • $1-200 = $10 fee
  • $201-$500 = $20 fee
  • $501-$2,000 = $50 fee
  • $2,000-$4,999 = $100 fee
  • $5000+ = 3% fee

Marketing FOR you

Other sites are very generic and take the blast approach.  They’ll let anyone on their platform (for a high fee) and market to everyone.  You’ll get leads, sure, but at what cost of time and expense?

Our approach is different.  Because we give 50% of our Job Success Fees to our partner charities and non-profits, we’re newsworthy, and we have and continue to appear on local radio and TV shows as well as in local print publications and many online resources.  We also have a team of digital marketing and SEO specialists dedicated to spreading the word about WallysList.

Our non-profit and charity partners represent an audience of tens of thousands of people in Colorado, and they’ve agreed to market WallysList to their built-in audiences.

People want to hear about us because we’re a disruptor and as our motto states, “Doing Business Right, by Doing Right”.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to change a thing.  Keep doing business your way and the projects that come through WallysList, we’ll take care of the give back.

Our background is in the real estate industry, so we’re already poised to easily get in front of real estate agents, companies and trade organizations to talk about the good that WallysList is doing.  This results in business from both real estate professionals and their clients – a HUGE market.

All this means more exposure for you and that goes straight to your bottom line.

Quality Control

Homeowners are asked to rate their experience at the end of the job.  We don’t publish those ratings (we’re not a review site), but that’s our in-house mechanism for quality control.  Contractors are required to maintain a 75% or better rating in order to stay a member.  Don’t worry, we’ll come to you in the case of a one-off nasty review to see what happened (we get it, some people just can’t be pleased), but at the end of the day, we do reserve the right to take any contractors off the site that we feel are not serving the best interest of WallysList’s mission.

WallysList Pro Club

Another benefit of being a member of WallysList is that sometimes even you need to find another professional contractor.  Very often, perhaps.  And like anyone, you experience the frustration of finding quality people.  By joining our upcoming Pro Club, you’ll be in an even tighter circle of professionals who respond quickly to other professionals. Our performance standards are even stricter here, but in terms of response time and job quality.  This circle is very exclusive.

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to submit the invitation and read the details.  We’ll be in touch soon!

~ The crew at WallysList

PS: If you’d like to talk to someone to get more information, please call Michael at 303-641-4768.